Beware of ‘bargain’ repairs. It can be far more costly in the end

The lifespan of your equipment depends on many factors – not least of which is how clean the oil is. However, when mechanisms and components start to run at less than optimal capacity or stops working entirely your choices are to purchase new parts or get them repaired. Manufacturers we represent produce products that depend on the quality and precision of their internal parts to run efficiently. They also typically don’t sell replacement parts to 3rd party vendors.

So, you may find yourself in a situation where an outside technician will attempt to replace parts with something similar in design. This will usually spell trouble for you and your equipment. There’s a good chance that these parts will not give you a proper repair and could significantly affect the performance, reliability, and operational life of your machinery.

What does a poorly repaired component mean to you?

  • Liability
    • o Improper performance can be dangerous to plant technicians and operators
  • High costs
    • o If an unauthorized repair facility does not use not certified components, these parts often don’t have proper fit and can cause further damage, increasing repair and/or replacements costs multiple times over
  • Reduced Reliability
    • o Decreased production from avoidable downtime

Parts, Repair, and Field Service Programs

The experts at Adams Air can help you identify the best approach for your repair needs:

  • Customized Support Programs
    • Some manufacturers have these to help meet the needs of all their equipment and the companies that use them based on quantity of units to be repaired and frequency needed. Please contact us regarding the particular product to be repaired and we can discuss options for a customized support program.
  • Field Replaceable Component Parts
    • Certain parts can be easily replaced on-site when components have been provided with technical documentation and service manuals to support your maintenance staff. On-site assistance from Adams’ technicians and engineers is also available.
  • On-Site Field Service
    • Due to safety and quality concerns, performing some part replacements and service will require the manufacturers authorized technicians and engineers. This onsite service ensures a correct repair and full factory warranty.
  • Factory/Adams Repair
    • Depending on the product, refurbishment, repair, or recalibration services are offered by either Adams or the original equipment manufacturer. Please contact us regarding the particular product to be prepared and we can start the repair process the same day.