What you can do to extend your Hydraulic Component’s Life

Understanding your ISO Code

ISO Codes are like a ruler that lets you measure how clean your lubrication system and hydraulic fluid is. Cleaner hydraulic fluid and oils equal longer equipment life, such as bearings and other fluid power applications. A large majority of equipment failures have been attributed to contaminated fluid. How clean your fluid is can be measured and assigned a specific ISO code.

Do you know your ISO Code?

This code spells out how the oil cleanliness is calculated and is shown as a value in 3 numbers – 18/16/13 for example. Each number represents a contaminant level code for the different particle sizes – 4m[c], 6m[c], and 14m[c]. The code includes all particles of the specified size and larger. It is important to note that each time a code increases, the quantity range of particles is doubling. The lower the number, the cleaner the oil, and the longer the operating life of your machinery.

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Companies do not typically test their oil. Surprisingly, oil that’s fresh from the crate is not considered clean enough. 25/22/19 is a nominal ISO code for new oil, which is actually not appropriate for lubrication or hydraulic systems. A better aim for new oil purity is 16/14/11. Without applying the proper filtration system, you could be looking at increased downtime, less reliable equipment, shorter fluid life, reduced safety, more maintenance hours, and increased component replacement and repair expenses. We base our analysis and recommendations by manufacturer guidelines and our extensive experience in the field working with operating systems that use petroleum based fluids. We can help you create a plan to maintain proper fluid cleanliness levels.

Good sampling procedure tips

  • Sample must be representative of the system
  • Sample should be taken during system operation
  • Fluid should be at operating temperature
  • Sampling method must not introduce contamination
  • Only use sampling bottles that are pre-cleaned per ISO3722

How improved oil cleanliness can improve component life

Current ISO Code Target ISO Code
2x Life
Target ISO Code
3x Life
Target ISO Code
4x Life
Target ISO Code
5x Life
28/26/23 25/22/19 22/20/17 20/18/15 19/17/14
27/25/22 23/21/18 21/19/16 19/17/14 18/16/13
26/24/21 22/20/17 20/18/15 19/17/14 17/15/12
25/23/20 21/19/16 19/17/14 17/15/12 16/14/11
25/22/19 20/18/15 18/16/13 16/14/11 15/13/10

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