When ‘In-Stock’ Is Not An Option

Customized assemblies for limitless possibilities

While we offer and support hundreds of standard products, these products simply do not support every challenge. Every company has different needs and sometimes the standard issue component or assembly just doesn’t fit for what you are trying to accomplish. It could be an operational requirement, a space constraint, high cost, or obsolete component or assembly. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Bimba Manufacturing, Hypro Filtration, MAC Valves, PHD, Inc, to bring customized Pneumatic Hydraulic and Electromechanical solutions to you. Instead of browsing endless catalogues and coming up empty, a tailored solution that does exactly what you need it to and how you need it to is now available to you through Adams.

Empower innovation in any industry

Whether it means starting from scratch or simply modifying existing parts, special designs can be deployed that allow for maximum flexibility and consist of heavy duty construction for a long operating life. Modular assemblies provide savings in labor cost, assembly time, and space. Drop-In replacements can offer increased performance, reduced cost, and no need to modify your existing application. Examples of some of the industries that have already benefited from our work include:

Automotive Filling Machine Builders Medical Robotics
Battery Manufacturing Fluid Handling Hardware Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Semiconductor
Carpet Food Material Handling Plastic Injection Electrical
Conveying Laundry Packaging Print Welding

Consult with the experts at Adams

Adams experts will consult with you to help determine the ideal strategy and then see that strategy through to a finished solution. We will work directly with you, in your environment, and assess what will work best. The applications that are possible from our sales engineers are too numerous to list, but our customers are always surprised by what we can accomplish.

Where to get started? Check out some examples of solutions here: