Alleviate Sourcing & Distribution
We provide unique levels of assistance by analyzing your order history and purchasing patterns to determine how your company could most benefit through our different services. We look at products you need daily, weekly, monthly or more and plan accordingly. If there is a component or assembly that you frequently order, we can save you time and money by having it automatically shipped to you on a repeating timetable of your choice.

How We Can Help…

We offer a variety of solutions to streamline overall distribution, component sourcing, packaging, and more.
  • Blanket Orders

  • Custom kits

  • Private Labeling

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Lead times

  • Exporting

Sourcing & Distribution Solutions
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Maximize your Profits with our CPR® Analysis

With Customer Profit Reinforcement® we will uncover and document your savings opportunities and maximize your profit by comparing your existing processes to the solutions we can provide for you. You will be provided with customized reports that will illustrate the ideal path your company can take to enhance your bottom line. Each solution is ranked by ease of implementation, giving you the information you need to choose where to start.


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