The CPR Advantage

Knowledge leading to maximum profitability

CPR stands for Customer Profit Reinforcement®, which is a specialized program run in cooperation with MAC Valves.  The program’s purpose is to maximize customer profitability through an inspection of your components and processes, identifying savings opportunities and recommending streamlining.  This has led to real savings.  Since 2010, the hundreds of companies that have participated in CPR have saved a combined total of over $105 Million.

What is your process really costing you?

Is your supply chain being managed as efficiently as it can be?  Are you using machines that result in an overall reduction in processing times?  Are you purchasing multiple components when you could be purchasing one subassembly?  How much time and labor do you spend troubleshooting your systems?  The goals of the CPR® process are to:

  • Improve Quality 
  • Eliminate Waste
    • Overproduction
    • Waiting
    • Transport
    • Extra Processing
    • Inventory
    • Motion
    • Defects
  • Reduce Time
  • Reduce Total Costs
  • Improve Through Optimization
  • Improve Through Innovation

CPR® helps you get a clear understanding of what extra costs you have

A task force is assembled made up of specialists and engineers.  The size of this group depends on the variety and amount of equipment at the customer site and the how ambitious the customer’s goals are.

  • Phase 1 – Evaluate
  • Phase 2 – Diagnose
  • Phase 3 – Prevent/Treat

Whether it be reducing assembly labor by stacking valves into a manifold, reducing components purchasing by combining parts into one subassembly, or reducing wiring time and costs by using blocks instead of wire termination screw connections, the task force will identify where you can save.  Improved equipment will help reduce ongoing costs.

Adams CPR® team walks you through every step

Adams is the only authorized CPR®.  Companies both small and large have benefited from this program and have seen real profitability.  Each new implementation is graded A, B, or C in order from easiest to hardest so you have a clearer picture of what you can improve, whether it be a simple purchasing habit change or a machinery redesign.

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